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How cyber-aware are you?  

  • Do you have what it takes to protect your business against cybercrime? 
  • Did you know that antivirus software alone won’t protect your business?  
  • Are you sure that your cybersecurity solutions are robust enough to fight 2021 cybercrime?

Find out the current state of your cybersecurity health status in just a few minutes.  

Find out which one of these is the weak spot in your business

It’s essential to act now and remediate all issues and potential areas of weakness in your cybersecurity protection. Putting cybersecurity at the top of your priority list is a smart move for any business. 

Gain personalised insight into your business. 

Why cybersecurity needs to be a priority for SMEs

Cyberthreats are increasing dramatically

Did you know that phishing emails have gone up 600% since 2020?

Hackers know that more people than ever have been working from home and that even post-lockdowns, they’re likely to continue wanting to.  

This makes the current cybersecurity climate rife with threats.  

Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, which makes them a considerable risk to SMEs.   

Future-proof your business

Set your business up to thrive now and in the years to come.  

Implementing cybersecurity solutions and auditing across your entire IT stack will ensure that no matter how threats develop, you’ll have the framework in place to combat them all.  

Building resilience is essential for businesses of all sizes. A cyber-attack could significantly damage business growth and continuity.

It will save you money

Investing in robust cybersecurity solutions now could save you thousands in the future.  

All forms of cyber-attacks have a common goal – to steal. Whether they’re aiming to steal money directly, or data to be sold on the Dark Web, it can be incredibly costly to get back on your feet. Ransomware attacks demand that business pay a large sum of money to regain access to data or devices held hostage by a hacker. But regardless of the tactic, any amount of downtime will cost.  

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You can trust that we’ll handle your IT needs

Your dedicated support team

We’re just at the end of the phone if you need us. You’ll be able to speak to a cybersecurity expert within minutes. We will take the time to get to know you and understand your business needs so that the support you receive is personal.  

We’ll liaise with third parties for you

We are partners with the best in the industry. This means we can set you up with high-quality solutions and ensure that you get the right technology for your business. We’ll handle everything from implementation, to daily monitoring and updates for you so you don’t have to worry.  

24/7 monitoring and regular reports

You’ll always be kept in the loop so that you are fully aware of any risks to your business. Our team will monitor your IT stack to mitigate risks and prevent cyber-attacks from even getting close to your data.

Ratcliff IT has been providing cybersecurity support for businesses across London for years

It’s not worth the risk.  

Highlight any blind spots you might have so that you can make informed choices for the success of your business. You could save yourself a lot of stress and transform your business today. All it takes is a couple of minutes, and your business will become more secure than ever before.  

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